cramik cup guidelines

Every 2 months, starting January of 2013, culminating Dec 2013.
Jan/Feb – SFcramik cup2
Mar/Apr – Bodega
May/Jun – HMB
Jul/Aug – Bodega
Sept/Oct – SF
Nov/Dec – HMB

Location & Date Floats between time period and location

3 geographic locations, 2 contests at each. Always at a different beach, no beach should be used twice in the same season.

There will be an event host for each region.  The event host will pick the date and (*probable) location of the event no later than Wednesday at 9:PM prior to the Saturday that the event runs.  All events run on Saturday, except for events not run on Saturday.

Start times will be decided in advance by the event host and will vary based on tides and conditions.

*Location can change at any time, but always within the region.  For example, The Cove might be picked as the spot, but Saturday morning we find that Wrights is firing so the contest is moved to Wrights.

Bodega (4)

SF (4)
Cliff House

HMB (5)
Gray Whale

Heats will be judged based on best overall impression.

There shall be 2 megaheats lasting approx 30 min each with a 8-man final also lasting approx 30 min.

4 predetermined judges will pick the winners of each heat. 8 judges will be selected prior to the event based on heat configurations.  2 judges will be selected as alternates in case 6 of the 8 judges make the finals.  ALL judges who do not make the final will participate in judging the final (excluding the alternates if there are at least 4 judges)

Points System
Points will be based on highest 5 scores, everyone drops  1 event score (the lowest) from their total (*except for their 10 points for showing up)
1st – 100
2nd – 85
3rd – 70
4th – 55
5th- 40
6th- 25
showing up – +10
not showing – 0

$62.40 via Paypal – prepaid.  There will be no discount or pro-rating for late entry. To be eligible for an event, dues must be paid prior to the 1st day of that events’ window. For example, the due date for the Jan/Feb event will be January 1st.

Payout Breakdown:
1st – 50%
2nd – 35%
3rd – 10%
4th – 5%

**There will not be any cash prizes or otherwise for the individual events – only the cup.  The only benefit you will receive is the non-tangible item of points.