best session/conditons you've ever skimmed thread

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best session/conditons you've ever skimmed thread

Post by danger ranger » Wed Dec 07, 2011 6:47 am

With the Baker vs. Bodega conditions thread battle looking like it will be a prolonged war I thought it might be time for the cramik community to put some perspective on things. Got any anecdotes, tales, or outright lies about "that perfect day" (think Roush's short interview in Best Trip Ever about Indicators). I'm sure you core cramikers will be all about the Cabo trips, but try to take more into account than just the waves... ie: amazing conditions at a place you never expected them, hot lifeguards giving bj's to everyone etc... Pics are a bonus but not necessary.
I'll start...

It was just another work day for me. Thanks to my DUI a few months earlier I was on the night shift with the entire morning to skim. It was cold, early winter I believe. Still, shaking off the previous evenings labor I jumped in the 1980 toyota pickup (the only thing I could afford insurance for) and headed to Salmon Creek. Blasting into to the S. Salmon parking lot waking up the surrounding retirees with Minor Threat pounding out of the cheap factory speakers and kicking up dirt in 1st gear i parked, not expecting much besides shitty reform and the occasional late breaking wave on a rip tide. I donned my clearance sale wetsuit, grabbed my beat up slotty and headed up the dune. What greeted me there was not the standard trough-wave-foam-trough pattern that we are all familiar with at Salmon. Instead, in a perverse joke, I (admittedly one of the worst regular skimmers in Sonoma) was looking at Laguna North on a perfect day. An inconceivably high tide, a moderate offshore (unheard of at Salmon), and a 5-6 foot swell were all coming together and I was the only one there with a skimboard. Longboarders were catching football field length rides up to the beach, barreled the entire time. The first wave i went for...faceplant. Second: faceplant. Third: board got away, and I waited about 5 minutes for the ocean to give it back to me. Fourth: Gold. Sprinting at a subtle peak i spotted somehow I managed to focus enough to get on the board smooth enough to slide out, hand in the water to help my pivot, and after that mother ocean cradled me in the line, briefly covered my with a barrel and spat me out no worse for wear on the beach. It was my only quality wave that day, but for a guy who doesn't usually do things on a skimboard worthy of a video, it was heaven. After a couple of hours, I stumbled up the beach back to the beater, in shock that I'd seen what I had seen. No music was necessary for the detached drive back to Rohnert Park, my random outbursts of incredulous laughter were all that was necessary.



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Re: best session/conditons you've ever skimmed thread

Post by The Flying Finn » Wed Dec 07, 2011 9:30 am

Great read DR! Those waves look so nice.
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Re: best session/conditons you've ever skimmed thread

Post by montereyskmmr » Wed Dec 07, 2011 9:03 pm

My favorite day so far. I'll let the media do the talking.

Article: Starting on page 30
Video from one of those days:
Photo Gallery: ... 419_tmdpmD

One of the best weeks Monterey has had in awhile.
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