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Post by 3-Ball Butt Nut » Fri Dec 02, 2005 11:22 am

Just read through the latest issue of FSM and I am super stoked about the myriad of contributions by the Nor-Cal Skimmers!!

1. Noah - Cover Story. Nice. Way to represent!!

2. Morgan Jacobs Tribute - So damn sad, but I love how Daniel & Ryan chose to celebrate him and share vignettes of his life to give insight to the great person that he was. I know it was not an easy thing to to, so big props to Daniel & Ryan.

3. Dave Medal Picture - Holy Shitballs!! So fucking heavy & Siiiick!! WOW

4. Endcap - As always, great job Potter!! Great subject (although you still should have done the "internet" thing I suggested during golf). Brings back memories of "doing it for your country." How many Stars? Reminds me of skimming China with Slob. Also got to love the Deebo Pic. My only question is what ever happened to the AIOG (Air it out Guy") or the AIOS ("Air it out.....SPRAAKKKK!)?

Good work boys!!
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