cramik cup

cramik cup?

yeah! cramik cup ftw!
no effin way man, elamo
Yes, but only if there is some sort of handicap on the top dudes
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Re: cramik cup

Post by potter » Wed Jan 02, 2013 1:12 pm

shred2kook wrote:I was just wondering, can you guys send reminder emails or something before meeting for the cup?
yeah will do, good idea.

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Re: cramik cup

Post by heins57 » Wed Jan 02, 2013 6:40 pm

ok Square gonna try to decode that one. But keep in mind i was sort of not doing it at the right time. Soooooo let me break it down,part one:
(some wake square up!--easy, someone wake square up becasue montara is firing!)next
(wait i think i got a spare JK)--easy again, wait i think i got a spare key to daves place JK)
(Wanly way would b kind of crazy)--not so easy, anyway would be kind of crazy, in reference to Daves previous comment about pulling into Mavericks on skim, yes its something me and Dave been talking about for some time but never got around to doing for one reason or another)
(Always had a dream of a dream of skimming Mavericks)-- Ok lets just say i had the same dream over and over again about pulling into Mavericks and it ends the same way every time.

That it nice Dave remind me the next time i see you haha

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