The first event of the Cramik Cup is…


The first event of the Cramik Cup is done, over, finito. Very nice showing today with the OG’s doing their thing, some established vets ripping, the Bodega crew out in full force, and a bunch of young up-and-comers staking their claim. Conditions were quite good for Baker but the sider remained elusive with the north end washing out over night. The rain and cold thinned the spectators for the finals but the remaining 8 skimboarders put on a show for the few who were left. Full write-up coming soon from Sam Weeks, stay tuned.

2 thoughts on “The first event of the Cramik Cup is…

  1. nice work Andres – great day, good conditions. Love baker glass. Funny how we all left when it was firing.

  2. Yeah good job Andres as host for the first event of the Cramik Cup. It was a nice change to be back at Baker for an event for the first time in a while. I was kind of bitchy about the conditions and difficulty of getting waves at the time, but really we were very lucky that the dub cooperated as well as it did, staying perfect offshore direction all day. Waves were pretty closed out, but there were decent waves to be had if you had the legs/skill to reach them (demonstrated best by far by the top two Potter and Sam) .

    Yeah Potter, waves definitely looked the best of the day as we were leaving. Too bad it was raining and all the stuff I decided to carry down to the beach was getting soaked, otherwise I would have been game to continure skimming for sure. Would have been nice and lucky to have held off starting the event until later that day, but that was obviously always going to be too risky of a call to make.

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