2nd cramikfest

2nd Cramikskim Skimfest

August 28, 2004 – Limantour Beach

pictures and words by the wm

Limantour Beach is a long way out there.  I mean, a long way.  From my house which is 10 min from Baker, it takes about an  hour.  It’s not really near any type of civilization.  Consequently, it is not skimmed all that often.  What makes it great it that is faces south so the dub often blows side shore, the water is crystal clear, and during the summer it can often resemble the break at 26th.  For the 2nd year we tried for Limantour gold, with varying degrees of success.  Regardless, this year even more than last year was a blast  with everyone not so worried about the waves but about having a good time & hanging out.  After all, that is what the Cramik Skimfest is all about.

With the forecast showing that this could be one of the nicest days of the year, we tried to get to the beach as early as possible to take advantage of the morning high tide and a prime parking spot. Morning session was fun, tide never really came up high enough, but the weather was perfect, ocean was glassy, and there was definitely waves to hit.  Aside from 57 hurting his back again, and Rhino pulling his quad, everyone was feeling good and getting some good ones.

After the morning skim, DAK brought out the BBQ (by himself) and we proceeded to eat lunch.  Bike Mike closed off the vents, against our objections, and left the chicken half cooked.  I am sure there are many a skimmer out there on Sunday who are suffering from salmonella.  Daver was kind enough to serve hors d’oeuvres that included brie and wine.

3WF got the afternoon kicked off in the right way with the long drive contest, in which just about everyone gave it a shot.  Dan got robbed of his spot in the finals against Daver, 3WF, & defending Cramfest champ Thomas.  Thomas hit a decent shot, Daver shanked, and 3WF knock it about 307 to take the gold.  3WF actually went on to win 3 events that day including the Sand Wedge Challenge, and the Fishing Derby (by snagging a sand crab).

All afternoon low tide loomed.  People continued to skim as the temps were almost scorching but everyone awaited the main event.  The beach had filled to capacity, with onlookers, passersby, and such folk all excited about the impending heats.

Around 6 O’clock the tide had still not decided to let itself come in.  Many people, with ridiculously planned schedules were forced to vacate the area without competing, including Thomas who was overheard saying, “I need to keep my undefeated record in tact.”  Even with some early departures, there was still a healthy field awaiting the incoming tide.  No one could have foreseen what was about to happen.

At precisely 6:18, the fog sped in as if being driven by a hurricane.  The fog was a thick as the smoke from an oil fire.  It literally came in so fast that it was as if you awoke from your dream of being in Cabo to being back in the crappiest summer of all time in San Francisco.  We decided to run the contest ASAP for fear of conditions worsening.

Although I don’t think I ever got an accurate count, the heat consisted this year of about 12 skimmers given 15 minutes.  Many people were not too eager to get back in the water given the conditions, and all of a sudden, everyone wanted to be a judge!  Never seen that at a contest before…

So, with a glut of drunk judges and a crew of hard core skimmers, the contest began.  Early leaders were Philip (who got a nice backside wrap) and Dustin who was going non-stop all day since like 9:30 in the morning.  Jason Mariani showed up from Santa Cruz and learned that colliding and spraying other skimmers scored big with the judges and he took advantage.

With the event reaching a feverish pitch, it was decided to have 4 people advance out of this heat and have a final since it was very difficult to judge.  When the heat was over, the judges could not decide on 4, and it became 6.  So there was a semifinal heat of 3 each and then there would be a final.  Dustin & Mike advanced out of Semi final number 1 with Josh just missing the cut.  Jason and Paul made it out of semi final #2 with Justin just missing the cut.  The arguing over 2nd place for both semifinal heats was very strong and it was a split decision each time.  Since judging was on “overall impression” and not based on scores, it left a lot of room for argument which was quite fun.

The finals were a blast with everyone but Bike Mike going all out.  Bike Mikes strategy paid off as he saved his energy for the set waves and edged out Mariani for 3rd and got to retain some of the beer that he & his wife had set up for each of the top 3 winners. Mike also took home a Skimbledon t-shirt from Baker Skimboardsfeaturing Boris Becker (? – don’t ask…). Jason got to take home the 4th place gift bag provided generously by DAK that included, among other things, a lei and a can of beans – not to mention an orange French bag that you could somehow also use as a flotation device.  57 was pissed off at Paul for getting 2nd.  Paul got many good back side wraps, and a couple barrels on some of the best waves of the heat.  But 57 wanted something more from him if he was going to take down Dustin.  Dustin was all over, killing it with frontside lines, backside wraps, airs, shuv-its, everything.  Unlike last year’s contest, he was sticking most everything this year and, although it was tight, he solidly earned the top spot.

Paul received a flask from Sega (ESPN Video Games) + brew from Bike Mike + a Skimbledon t-shirt featuring Jimmy Connors.  Dustin received a skateboard DVD called Flow from Dan @SFLongboarding.com and NHL 2K5 from ESPN Video Games (not even yet released!) + a cramik skimfest t-shirt from Josh and a skimbledon t-shirt featuring Johnny Mac.

Thanks to all who came out and made the 2nd Cramikfest a huge success.  Thanks most to:

  • 3WF – for doing most of the organizing of the event, having a great attitude, and making the whole thing happen
  • Rhino – for getting sponsorship prizes
  • DAK – for taking pictures, and providing prizes, and the all importante BBQ.
  • Bike Mike – thanks for the prizes and representing us old guys well in the finals!
  • Baker Skimboards/Daver – thanks for doing the t-shirts for the top 3 – they’re quite instrastring
  • SFLongboarding/Dan – thanks for the DVD (even though you didn’t stay for the contest!)
  • The Judges – 3WF, Rhino, BHM, 57, Colin’s Page
  • Everyone else – for showing up and having a good time!  See you next year!

Directions to 2nd cramfest

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