December 2005

Sun Mon Tues Wed Thurs Fri Sat
Look fun? John Fleskes 3
4 Bob Barrel OB courtesy of Mad Dog 7 Just in case you haven’t seen enough Paul Reyes on a mean one 10
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More yellow Roush barrel Roush still in the barrel Thomas, Spiro, & The Rock 17
18 Fernando! A couple guys enjoying Baker on Sunday Just a tad out of reach (thanks Wardo) 24
25 26 27 28 29 Hijacked POD – while the Potter’s away… 31



November 2005

Sun Mon Tues Wed Thurs Fri Sat
1 3 Skylar DTL around a familiar rock 5
6 Thomas smack @ Baker Deebo. Baker. Saturday. Roush Dustin wants to know if Daver was thinking, “Should I skim or snowboard this peak?” 12
13 No mas Thomas de el Panadero 15 Lil Al @ The Guese 17 Mitch 19
20 We’ll start Fire Week with a shot from Deer Creek Headin for boils… Chad Whatever’s Dukes 24 25 D-Train – small, sunny wedge
27 Chris – Private air. Humbolt jetty courtesy of Erball. SCL about to get drilled


October 2005

Sun Mon Tues Wed Thurs Fri Sat
2 Timmy C playing hooky in Ventura during the Santa Cruz contest Two Craigs and two Saberkittens – can you spot which is which? Spectators already lining up for Cramikfest #3 In the words of Debi Parola,In remembrance of our friend & hero Spc.Morgen Nathaniel Jacobs from Santa Cruz who died one year ago today in Iraq. Rest in Peace Morgen

Monte at the spot w/lots of rocks 8
9 Koty Lopez at Skimbash (click picture for the full gallery) Harg, Joanna, and Cramik inMachi Picchu Reigning Champ at last years Skimfest3rd Annual Cramik Skimfest is this Saturday – Location TBD

The judges say:Click here for info on the 3rd annual cramikfest

16 Deebo at the 3rd Annual cramikfest – writeup to follow soon 1st place Thomas at cramikfest – read abouthere Paul losing Overall Impression points early in the morn @ Baker My favorite pic from cramikfest 22
23 Paige at Wrights Baker Tuesday night R.I.P. Eric Costello 29
30 Dustin taking the old skin boat to tuna town


September 2005

Sun Mon Tues Wed Thurs Fri Sat
Jake somewhere in Santa Cruz 2 3
4 5 Jason Mariani sequence

6 Geoff back in school


Baker was pretty fun this morning



What Baker really looks like this morning Danny at two-six Ryan – WEST SIDE! 15 Of course, you need your 2005-6 Warrior Girl Poster before the Santa Cruz contest! (click for full size wallpaper) 17The contest is going on right now – but I bet it doesn’t look like this. Medal @ 26th


18 19 Jog-walker: Tom Heins O’Neill Skimbash ’05 Looks like Mo charging at the Skimbash More Skimbash … 24
25 Miles @ Rockies Miles @ Rockies #2 Miles @ Skimbash B. Rothe @ Skimbash J Dub at Skimbash


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