81 new video clips from Gordo – enjoy!
Bob (aka SCLiners) just got back from Cabo – too big
You probably missed this one, check the page again & see ALL the pictures
Dog just got back from Jeffreysbaai (see the pics)
Wrights on Saturday 6-7-03 (Thomas & Dustin)
Jamie, transitioning from his woodie to a foam board @ Hoopers – courtesy of Colin
Eric Roush killing it all day at Privates (see more)
Dustin @ 26th
The Wright’s setup
Rhino on a Wright’s liner
The Mine Field
Baco frontside rock
Colin ready to hit the bowl at Stocktown
Inside Pocket Left’s yesterday (Saturday)
Baker this morning (Friday)
Some cool water pics courtesy of DAK
Wright’s left courtesy of D. Boone
My webmaster skimmed Mugu and all he took was this crappy picture…
Makena. Courtesy of Lil Al (see more)
Dustin at Inside Pocket
Jason Mariani – tight wrap at Panthers
Another shot for Dustin’s girlfriend courtesy of Colin (of “Colin’s Page” fame).  What Bodega actually looks like…
Thomas at Wrights (see full page from Dustin with pics of Wrights)
Words to live by, courtesy of Philip
Worth another look – Rhino throwing buckets
Old picture Rhino dug up of Tom’s Point – virtually unrideable since this day
57 Baker Wrap
Keeping Petey and the other riff-raff out of Left’s
Colin riding his woodie out at Salmon
Pictures from Philip of Lefts Saturday
Run, run, run!
Whatchu doin Karl?
Paul – Air to dog
Solmar courtesy of Heins
Goat Rock
Baker – Saturday, March 29, 2003
The Crew chillin with the ladies at Left’s.  Colin, Spiro, Ben “Ugly Stick” Kotin & Santa Clara’s finest
Dano going blind side to a late 180
Lefts is over – Head north! Wright’s Beach -BB
Justin tearing up Hoopers
Dustin lined up as Philip goes for the snake…
57 – You know the place
Mystery skimmer revealed! (courtesy of Chad M.)
Who is this mystery skimmer?  If you know – please tell us all!
Frontside sprack to no-footer
Paul @ Baker
Damian on a nasty Montara thing
“The Golden Gate of Baja” – home of El Super Tabogan
Seems to be the favorite – Jim Young @ Hoopers
Do you remember this pic from the cover of Chili Skim?  See more from Dickson Keyser’s archives (thanks Dickson)
57 goin line at Monterrible
Where you been cramikskim?
Don’t believe the published reports that have been in the news.  For example, this one that Chad came across while in the w city:10-Feb-03 From AP:

“Sad news this week, operators and users of perennial skimboard website  have lost contact with the site.  Initial reports indicate a sudden and catastrophic increase in heat along the left side of the main server, resulting in instability while managing duplicate posts.  Operators tried to regain contact with the site, but all attemps failed and it appears that incinerated in a giant fireball.  People from places as far away as Chicago have reported pieces of the wreck.  News reports show yellow police tape surrounding even the smallest pieces of the site.  People have been warned not to touch the pieces as they may result in delamination, toenail removal, bruised heels, or even shinners.  President Bush in a statement released this week said, “This has been a terrible week for the American people, but, make no mistake, Skimboarding will go on.”  Currently all the pieces of are being shipped to San Francisco where operators will try to re-assemble the site and discern the cause of the accident.”

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A real bad day.jpg (39586 bytes)
al.jpg (561158 bytes)
Brad_Dickeysm.jpg (26710 bytes)
chuck_limantour.jpg (167972 bytes)
cln@hoops.jpg (32216 bytes)
Dstn@hoops.jpg (30454 bytes)
Dustin Toenail 02.jpg (54520 bytes)
GGSunset4-800B.jpg (66230 bytes)
gofishy.jpg (84570 bytes)
gravey_sandboard.jpg (202004 bytes)
hill_dusting.jpg (70443 bytes)
lefts_021702.jpg (13766 bytes)
malifoog.jpg (2197266 bytes)
newyearsevepot (1).jpg (23872 bytes)
pinwheelfishy (1).jpg (21833 bytes)
planer.jpg (424797 bytes)
portuguese6 (1).jpg (168497 bytes)
postcard.jpg (52634 bytes)
prtow.jpg (22337 bytes)
rhino_bucket.jpg (280134 bytes)
settin-up-sm.jpg (50247 bytes)
spinoze.jpg (29180 bytes)
TAXDAY_lefts.jpg (47264 bytes)
tom_bigger.jpg (455011 bytes)

tomwins.jpg (38034 bytes)
trevi[mix down copy (1).jpg (36443 bytes)
skimgirl.jpg (51791 bytes)
Backside planer at Thornhill (unconfirmed)
Hill Dusting on the DDO
poster.jpg (66368 bytes)
2nd Annual International Skimfest Flier
chad.jpg (53948 bytes)
Chad Merriam @ 26th
Shawon trying to keep the guy from clapping
Jay goin down
pinwheelfishy (1).jpg (21833 bytes)
Spiro @ Left’s
Dave “Gravy” Montgomery’s crusty shorts
Adrian Prince gettin under it @ Sandstrip
The East Bay Skim Crew
Mad Dog @ North Beach
brad_evers_malibu.jpg (57755 bytes)
Brad Evers @ The 2001 Slotty
Wake Skimmin @ Bullards
Same – Rhino behind the wall
Steve Weltzheimer’s concoction
spiro_lefts_april26.jpg (31715 bytes)
Spiro at Left’s
TAXDAY_lefts.jpg (47264 bytes)
Evening skim at Left’s
Examiner shot of Baker courtesy of Tommer
Sil – Sandboarding at Thornhill – GraveDog Sandboards
Overhead shot of Baker and China
rhino_at_lefts_in_88.jpg (33774 bytes)
Left’s – Rhino
wpe2.jpg (23383 bytes)
Baker – it’s always like this
dscn0108.jpg (39209 bytes)
Thornhill lookin schweet!
wpe2.jpg (23383 bytes)
Dan just got back from Vegas…



Adam wrap – see new pictures from Dustin


SCLiners wrapping it up


Ben Big Spray (see more pics from Chad)


Ben K at BD


Chad at Bonnie Dunes – Barrel after sick barrel…

Merry Xmas ya’ll


Adam at Capitola


Adam at Rockies


Colin freezing
Check out these sick pics from Dustin of the River Mouth
Dustin at FEB’s
Dustin is the dot
Everyone watching Paul on the big screen.  Thanks for coming!
Rhino thinks the airdrop at the end is the best
Daver at Baker today – it was cold but good
The Rivermouth (see more)
The Russian Rivermouth
SCLiners living up to his name outside of SC
DAK’s view of OB last weekend
Brandon Rothe
Ben K
Pic’s from North Beach thanks to Dickson
Dave Montgomery T.O. Backside(not to be confused with the world famous A.P. T.O. Backslide)
Bill Bryan through Gordo’s eyes
Dane eyes the peak
Sabrina almost gets taken out (then she gives a scolding)
LA on fire
Gravey set up for the Deer Creek liner
Dog locked in (see more)
Rhino makes the escape
Baker had a some good waves the last 3 days
From the Skimonline mb and Tuff Productions – click the pic to see the video of Flea.
A shot from Dan’s trip to NJ
The A’s Playoff Strategy
F57 wants the jelly roll
EMGO @ Baker
Ryan Parola (click here to see new pics from Debi Parola of the SC Skimbash)
Some cool Baker Beach art I found
57 back in action
New links on the “More” Page – like AGM (Angle Grinder Man)
Baco courtesy of BinLin Shu (see more)
Tommer contemplating
Did he pull it? (Mouse over to see) Then click HERE to see more pictures from the contest
Brandon Sears Saturday at the O’neill
Baker on Thursday – get out there!
Bernie in oozing pain
Not sure who this is, but needed a picture from the Ventura contest for you to click to see the video of the finals! (go ahead, click it)Windows Media 12 MB – 2:07 min
Joey Pasquali at the Vic – see good, new pictures on Skim Culture!
Dave Hand @ DC
Paulo sealed the deal w/this in-and-out
Brandon Rothe @ Deer Creek Contest (thanks to Gravey)
Dan Turner at 26th
Caught! ((no)Thanks to Chadler)
INSTANT POD (thanks to Jay & Colin):
BHM at Grey Whale Saturday
Hargronator tearing up Cabo
“After filling out all the proper NDA’s, Jesse Beers hits paydirt.”
New Wrights pictures in from Dustin!
Dustin at the First Cramikskim Skimfest (see more)Congrats to Thomas Corwin on taking 1st!
Friday nights pic of the skimfest area
Dustin @ Wrights
Medal @ two six
Head to Wrights! (but bring 2 boards)
Uhhh – courtesy of Dylan (and Kurt Jones)
Colin on a Wright’s sider
Heins first day back in 5 months – Wrights, still too flat
Mile Grobman tearing at the Vic (see more)
Remembering winter time, courtesy of Colin
2 blown waves in a row…
Colin going for a handplant varial
BHM looking for this one
Rhine Holmes might not pull this one, do you think?
Happy 4th
Starkdawg killing it – stolen straight from Gravedog.  Click here to see more
Thomas in the right spot
Who’s going down for the Foog 5,000?  Ventura going off yesterday (just in time)See you this weekend
Dolphins – courtesy of Jay
You know who at it again 


57 Wrap in Dega

Also from Dega:



Gary lined up


Colin’s Page chargin the bowel


Dan Turner f-side sprack!


Limantour Beach sight of the upcoming 2nd Annual Cramik Skimfest


From CTS: Alaska snowboarding isn’t without it’s own dangers!


Check out Harg, Erball, DB, & Mad Dog’s screen grabs from their Alaska trip


Matt Dillon @ Pipeline


Heins In Bodega on Saturday


Daver says it’s the last day for Lefts this season.  I agree (although I thought the same thing last week).  Evening pics. Mouse over for 57


Paul @ Panthers


57 going to WAR




Mr. – Geoff killing the liners all week


Rhino took me to a hockey game & all I saw was this crappy fight


Adam DTL @ MP


iPOD: Pic #2/2 of Timmy’s harrowing ordeal


Timmy C in Hawaii“I realized he was having trouble and I asked him if he was in trouble and he said he had cramps all over his body — that he can’t swim,” Schwarzenegger told reporters at a news conference in the Los Angeles suburb of Burbank.

The “Terminator” star said he dragged the man ashore using a boogie board.

“I set him down on the beach then and told him to relax a little because he was so out of shape,” the former Mr. Universe said. “He told me that for two years he hadn’t done any exercise.”


Dustin charging


Ben K comin at ya – Full series


Ben K comin at ya – Part 2 of 4. Stay tuned…


Roush eyeing the trannie (no pun intended)




Adam dtl in SC


JJ proving his point @ EH


Ryan tucking in


JJ looks to go all the way @ the hook


Joey air @ BD (thanks CTS)


Paul with a nice DTL grab in SC


Dean looking at a clean frontside in SC


Dustin lining up at FEBs (stolen from Colin’s page)


CTS creating liquid art at Panthers

Find out why CTS is lobbying for tide chart education in the classroom.

Roush powering into the slot


Heinz laying down the sauce


BK havin’ it his way™


Adam working the real estate in SC


SC showing the kids how it’s done


CTS, Lefts Poster Boy


Ben K DTL @ BD


iPOD: 57 sharkbait, this morning in SANTA CRUZ


Gear. Baker.


Matt schwack at Bake


Ryan @ Rocko’s (pics from Debi)


3 shot sequence of Paul @ Panthers


Mitch attacking frontside at Panthers


Rhino @ Baker on Sunday


Ryan (oops!) set to go


Ryan barrel @ EH


iPOD: Welcome back Josh!


57 DTL


Roush @ El Hooko


Chad at Wrights


iPOD: According to Bob this is a “typical Paul maneuver”


It’s not quite as big as it should be (7:43 AM today)


Wait for it, stay on target


Dustin FEB tweener and FEB normal


Paul Reyes (& wm) all confused at Panthers


Roush getting under


Colin, and a couple for the next couple


Ryan Parola Paul Reyes Dan Menapace
Daver Tommer Dustin, Colin, CTS – cold
wm Philip Ned
iPOD: CTS at Panthers yesterday



Timmy C & others


SkimCulture cover boy SCLiners


Dustin at FEB


Adam Loero locked in as always


Ryan Parola focused




57 micro barrel


CTS frontside eskimo


CTS frontside late pass


Colin had Wrights to himself last week.


BHM contemplating the cold


57 DTL


Young Gun Ned Klein today at FEB


Reggy footers delight at Goat Rock


A few extra for the next couple days…


Tom patrolling his beat CTS think of what could have been (ha!) Daver f-side speeder Summer at Baker in January
Winter at Baker in August Baker glass Adam @ Cap grins


Roush preparing for air travel


SC Liners got a new digi for xmas…..& I’m stoked


Daver with John’s new Baker Board


Left’s was fire yesterday! (thanks Colin)
Goat Rock just pounding


Thanks everyone, this is Jake Stinnett at Deer Creek.


Paul @ Baker


This POD is dedicated to the memory of Morgen Jacobs, a Santa Cruz skimboarder who died Oct. 6, 2004 serving his country in Iraq. Rest in Peace, Morgen…Morgen’s service will be held at Twin Lakes Baptist Church, in Aptos, on Saturday October 23.

For more information click here


Uh oh


iPOD: Dustin Just got back from FEB




Paul reach for the rail @ States


Thomas contorted @ States


Debi’s pics from the Skim Bash


Jason Wilson @ Skim Bash


Geo doing the hat off trick wrap thing @ the Skim Bash


Word has it that States is fire again, although this is not a picture from recently, it is David @ States.


Chappy back in the day


Pic’s from the Santa Cruz contest – ah, er, I mean the Deer Creek contest (thanks Debi!)


Gary @ two-six yesterday


Paul on a slightly sloppy looking one


Josh showing what he thinks of cramik


Paul – States


‘Bernie eats his westside wheaties wednesday morning’ – quote and pic from colin


Alisa Wingate on her way to 2nd at Deer Creek. Nice!Also, congrats to Gravedog for back-to-back First Places at Laguna & Ventura


David getting under one at States


Dustin @ Salmon


Josh @ States


Skimfest write-up is done click pic below to see


Cramik Champ Dustin Boone


iPOD: Dano today @ States


bustin f-side on Saturday (write up to come soon)


Conditions at Limantour as of Thursday night


Dan Turner @ his Senseless Contest


Rhino training for Saturday’s skimfest


Jason tonight at States


Is this onshore enough for you Tommer?  Paul today @ States
The rest of the old school scans
Marine Street – wm Marine Street wm & 3WF Wind & Sea KCA1 Cliff House – Burly’s
26th – wm 26th – OTS (Chadler) Why doesn’t Bud sponsor skim contests anymore? Slob @ Schmitty’s
Maybarrel @ 38th Some freaks car (not mine) Rocks Water Pollution Out Drain
Fenster tossing one back wm doing the same The Video that started it all Monch Cronch – of course!
Ledbetter – SB China Beach Rhino Debbi Parola @ Blacks
3 Wheel throwin it down at Marine Street


Slob @ Schmitty’s


Ahhh Refugio back in the day…


Inspired by ESPN -It’s Old School Week


Matt @ Senseless


Beasley probably doing a 360 shuv it or something


Mitch speaks the truth!  SC is flatstar


Ned @ Lefties


Justin @ Senseless Saturday


Roush frontisde @ Panthers


Mike Stanaland @ the troughy Vic.


Unknown @ two six


Check out Ryan’s new vid on Sunday 
Roush and Chad with their new Ocean Breeze boards


Good luck to  and all the NorCal guys this weekend. 


Ben K f-side dominance

Baker on Monday


Carmel River State Beach last week


Dustin @ Dega


Spiro spinning



Tom & Dustin waiting for the lap over


Is this Rhino or Timmy C?


Mikey – xmas day skim @ Baker




Jason on a small Nor End Monterrible liner


Jason @ Montara Tuesday


Monterrible lines of gold? That’s the story…


taking you to the edge since 2002


57 rode that one all the way to Cambodia and then represented

57 on his way


Efrin @ FEB


The end of Bernie week – 26th (not sure if Bernie took the picture, is in the picture, or just likes the picture.  In some way it relates to him)


Bernie week continues with his favorite pic of himself


Bernie Week Continues


It’s Bernie week! (from last year when the Hook was working -it’s not working now so don’t bother)


click here to see the gif animation


Bernie sayin, “come on!”


Dustin sprack





Morgan Just assault on North Baker (thanks Justin)



Josh & Paul lovin the sponges


Eric at Baker




There goes Mariani airborn in HI


Matt charging the bottom


Run, drop, and …doh!


This is just the sickest pic of all time – from Skimonline.  Click on the pic for full size.



Baker is shaping up today for High Tide – get out there


Colin’s Page back in action. Check out the full story by clicking the picture.


For all of you loving the cold weather, here’s some more pics of Geoff @ Sandy’s



Josh – DTL or Rail Sinker Face Plant?  You make the call


57 Getting up close with the wildlife


Debi Parola’s Skim Calendar is now available


$20, including postage. Please email put in the subject line “calendar”.




Again, Paul @ Baker


CTS charging at Panthers


Paul at Baker Friday


Dustin @ Salmon yesterday courtesy of the Page




Paul got married and now can’t handle the Privates Liner.  Congrats Paul!


Dustin showing how to backside wrap to barrel at Salmon


Geoff enjoying his time in HI


Adam under the hood somewhere











Dustin @ Baker Sunday


More wm propaganda


Gravey double frontside


Baker Skims Daver @ OP


Gravey stylee


Paul signature mute grab backside wrap


Cocoa Beach loc courtesy of CTS


Brandon Bell on the west side


Jesse Helm @ Privates


Gold Coast Classic is still on!   Sept 3 & 4


Gold Coast Classic is still on!   Sept 3 & 4


Gold Coast Classic is on!   Sept 3 & 4


Josh @ Portuguese


Baco in his new pool


Check out Baco’s new pool!


Josh @ the Guese


New pics from Debi Parola of the Aliso contest (click Brad below for more)


Sacco’d at two six


Deebo @ home


The new Foreverskim issue is out, if you didn’t already know


Check out the new vid from the San Diego boys with footage of all the top dogs (Bill, Geo, Paulo, etc.) not to mention the SD legends like Jeremy Kaiser, Keith Hobbie, and Schlong Balzer.  Order it online at


Bill on his way to another numero uno


Patrick Cady at two six


Skimkook courtesy of CTS


CTS @ Sebastian Inlet


More Leoro than you can shake a stick at


Your new nemesis


Debi Parola is selling a t-shirt (click here for info)
Bob at OD’s


Mitch @ Panthers


Loero, Odwallas, 4 shot sequence


Short-hair Mitch at Odwallas


Adam @ Odwallas


SCL @ Odwallas


Mitch @ Panthers


Lil Al at the Guese


CP wrapping


Welcome back WM


Deebo at the wedge (courtesy of Cory Hendrix & the Skim Online Media Center)


What I consider my home away from home


Lil Al


Baker not exactly fire yesterday


Another 38th shot


Someone @ 38th (thanks Wu)


Jumpin Erball in Sea Ranch


Beer hittin some nasty water at home (38th)


Josh at Bakersk


Kebedy telling his son, “go now!”


There’s got to be a board under there somewhere


Daily cramik cover-boy Deebo at Wrong’s yesterday


Adam Campbell @ Kaanapali Point


Not bad for May 23rd


Stark Dawg


Deebo in Pork town


Ventura gold


I am pretty sure it’s Mo Just


Beak Dawg.  Wedge.   Again.


Beak Dawg.  Wedge.


SCLiner enjoying a warm water backside line


iPOD: SCLiner in Maui


Dustin @ Wrights


Chris @ 38th yesterday


Heins full moon ride at Gray Whale


Ben K


Dan Menapace cherishing last days of the year @ Kirkwood


I think this is Jason, not sure.


Gravy sighting!  Word has it, you can’t stick a fork in just yet.


Dustin, Thomas


Colin frontside float @ Salmon Rushdie


Halfa Paul better than no Paul, I spose.  Patented backside rail grab.


57 going to the cement thing


Jeff says these are easily chest high.  Carmel River today @ 11:AM


Check out some sick new Cabo shots on SkimCulture (click picture to go there) 


Rhino undefeated in 2005


Some new pics of Geoff & Joey @ Sandy’s (thanks Geoff)



Thomas rail grab (thanks Maggie)


Giants undefeated in 2005


Josh & Paul skim the ancient ruins of SF


Dustin DTL


Can’t remember if this one’s been up here before or not, but I just came across it and either way it was going up.


Ryan & Sacco stoked that summer is coming










Now if there was just some shorebreak…






Spongers trying to be skimmers… kind of


Dave after cutting me off (snake!)


Pizza looking the wrong way


SCLiner wrapping @ Panthers


Gold Medal Saturday @ Wolverines
Chucker at Bedwetter back in the day


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