cramik cup #1 recap

IMG_3859Call us the Northern California Skimboarding Association if you please.  But what started as a funny idea between Andres and Potter at our local Montara sandwich shop actually turned into something.  January 5th, 2013 was the first stop of the Cramik Cup, a skim “tour” located in the greater Northern California.

The Cramik Cup is not just about the competition.  It’s about finding the best spot and then inviting many to enjoy the weather and waves.  Beers are shared, laughs are exchanged, and optimism of the coming tide change is in full effect.

Andres Alegria was the host for the first stop on the Cramik Cup tour.  Baker was excellent 5 days prior to the date, so he made the call.  Though dreary, turn out was outstanding; everyone had their morning coffees.

The first heat consisted of Andres, Square, Deebo, John-O, Mark, Chris4255, Madinator and Greg.  The level of skimming was quite high.  Waves were a bit far and walled but the competitors did a nice job of flattering the conditions.  Stand out maneuvers were a TDT (throw dat tail) by Andres in which I have never seen him actually pull.  Square had two very nice wraps, one to a barrel.  Deebo performed as expected.  Standout surprises were Mark and Chris4255.  Both proving that they can hang with the best in Nor-Cal.  The end top four: Deebs, Square, Andres, Mark.

Heat two was formed by Potter, Weeks, 2-timeeeee, Kevlar, Heinz/57, ODH, Sam Penny, Vacadoug.  All were making their best tries in the grayed conditions.  Heinz/57, a long time Baker Hater was doing his best but probably wishing he was back in the land of trough bombs AKA Montara.  Sam Penny, ODH, and Vacadoug wrapped their way through the heat but could never find that “one”.  Potter, running on one good ankle used his local knowledge to find stupidly good waves that really didn’t exist. 2-time defined the backside hack if you were tripping on Fernet.  Kevlar put his knees into formations unseen by Brad Domke.  Weeks went for the further waves getting a few nice FS rides.  In the end it was Potter, Weeks, 2-timeeeee, and Kevlar.

20 minutes later the conditions were deemed contestable for the final.  Andres called in rain showers for purposes of ambiance and drama, what a nice touch.  The 20 minute final was a very difficult judge.  Deebo got 2 or 3 BS grab rails and a few onshore cover ups that were without a doubt some of the most smooth rides of the day.  Sam stuck to the far ones but failed to find a real big corner.  In the end it was Potter who used his local knowledge to read and identify the Baker conditions.  3 mid size wrap-barrels later he was deemed the champion of Cramik Cup Stop #1 Baker Beach.

I’d like to give a shout to all that attended, twas a great day.  Also a thank you to Andres for organizing the first stop!  See you in a few months!